Our range of sand blasting system

Customized- sand blasting machines

    Sino-Abrator develops increasingly specialized, efficient and performing cutting-edge technologies of the sand blasting machines are widely used for the treatment of mainly metallic and stone surfaces. 

    The sand-blasting purpose includes the de-rusting, descaling, de-sanding, or deburring of the workpieces. Other uses are improving anti-fatigue, hardening of surfaces for longer lifespan (shot-peening), finish blasting of sensitive parts and roughening of surfaces ready for coating or painting.

     The sandblasting booth uses compressed air as the power, form a high-speed blasting media and blast on the surface of the workpiece. The blast-projectile is like countless small hammers work on the surface of the metal, causing the mechanical properties of the outer surface of the workpiece. Make the surface of the workpiece obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness, improved the mechanical properties of the surface of the workpiece (that is, the cold process, usually also called the surface strengthening), thereby generating compressive stress on the surface. This process will destroy the original tensile stress inside the workpiece, improve the workpiece’s tensile and bending fatigue properties, and increase the service lifespan of the products. Remove the impurities, rust, and oxide layer on the surface, which is also conducive to the solid decoration and coating. 


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