Shot blasting machine for pipe

 — Shot blasting machine for pipes/tube

Granallado para Tuberías, Granalladora para tubos
Shot blasting machine for pipes

Treated products category:

  • Centrifuged pipes
  • Welded tubes
  • Seamless pipes
  • Steel bars

Purpose of shot blasting:

  • Descaling
  • Surface preparation prior to painting or powder coating, also with thermal-insulation products, etc.
  • Surface preparation for machining.

Which shot blasting machines recommend?

Application field of steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine

    This series is suitable for the pretreatment of anticorrosive steel pipes in tap water, natural gas, mines, oil fields, etc., and the shot blasting treatment of conveying pipes for seabed or desert gas, etc., to improve the appearance quality and surface process state of its product parts.

Sand blasting machine
Sand blasting machine uses of the abrasive and water, the benefit is dustless and mobile, suit for small, medium and large size of all kind of material and shape, manual with low capacity.

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine
The roller conveyor shot blasting machine suitable for blasting the external surface of pipes with continuous horizontal roller conveyors conveniently shaped for positioning and guiding of one or more pipes at the same time.
By the use of a compress air blasting system, it is possible with only one working cycle both external surface by shot-blasting and inner surface by sandblasting.

Pipes shot blasting machine with skew rollers
Shot blasting machine design for high production with continuous skew rollers. The pipes self-rotate and move forward simultaneously while getting through the shot blasting room, to obtain a surface finishing degree SA 2½ or SA3.

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