Shot blasting machine for tubes, pipes and tanks inner and outer surface

    The shot blasting machines for pipes designed to internal and external surface preparation of the tube/pipe, round bars, round sections, gas steel bottles, and other cylindrical elements external surfaces treat tubes and cylindrical workpieces (cylinders, tanks, etc.) of various diameters and lengths at various transport speeds in a continuous process.

    Featuring a pass-through arrangement, the tube shot blasting machines are equipped with a motor-variable-frequency-driven inverted through the tube shot blasting machine on a conical cylindrical conveyor or on a conveyor while rotating around rollers’ longitudinal axis, which is a condition for evenly blasted surface standard.

    The automatic pipes shot blasting machines, also for tubes, cylinders, and long tanks; may operate individually or be built in an existing transport system of highly productive lines for basic paint application, including a drying chamber, automatic painting chamber, and drying tunnel.

    Standard equipment includes PLC, HMI display, automatic or manual mode, automatic start-up of shot wheels, working-hour time counter, roller conveyor variable frequency drive (VFD), etc.

Features of Shot Blasting Machine:

  • Automatic PLC control, save labor cost
  • Perfect for finishing uniform surface cleaning
  • Continuously feed for pipes, tubes, cylinders, etc.
  • No pollution for the environmental protection

Applications of Shot Blasting Machine:

  • Cylinder: Remove rubber, rust, stain for a repaint or recoating; 
  • Pipes: Surface cleaning for painting, coating or drilling, welding, etc.

Main model of the shot blasting machines for pipes:

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