Shot blasting machine FAQs

The Sino wheelAbrator professionals design, technical support, manufacture and service shot blasting machine and surface preparation sand blasting machines and related granallado products for a range of industries, cleaning, derusting, descaling and hardening of surfaces. Improvements can be realized by upgrading to newer technology.

Shot blasting machine FAQs

The company has led the way in all aspects of the Surface preparation application solutions for the foundry and forge, metalworking and descaling, automotive and heavy truck, structural steel, fabricated steel, aerospace, steel bars, pipe and fabrications, ship, railway, construction and heavy-duty applications, and best-in-class service and support. Preservation lines are available for blasting and priming plates and shapes.

Shot blasting machine FAQs

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Shot blasting machine FAQs

The shot blasting machine H.S. code?

The Harmonized System (H.S.) uses for the shot blasting machine is 8424; Different countries use the different sub-catogery.

The shot blasting machine needs foundations base?

General speaking, the small models of shot blasting machine such as the hook (spinning-hanger) type, Tumble type, Rotary-table type, Drum type does not need the foundation base, the concrete base is OK; the big size model such as the Roller type shot blasting machine with sophisticated structure that needs of the foundation base.

What abrasive-material is used for shot blasting?
  • The material is metal abrasives;
  • the shape is grit and balls;
  • Specifically includes steel grit, shot-steel, copper shots, and aluminum pellets, etc
What is shot blasting machine?

The shot blasting machine is an enclosed circuit abrasive designed by centrifugal wheel turbines use of a large amount of metal abrasive blasting for cleaning, strengthen (shot-peening) or polish, and preparing metal, stone, wood, and other surfaces.

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What is the purpose of shot blasting machine?

Surface cleaning (Shot blasting machine)

Shot blasting equipment is initially used in the foundry industry to remove sticky sand, oxide scale from the surface of steel and iron castings. This is also an indispensable preparation process before the quality inspection of the casting.

Workpiece strengthening (Shot peening machine)

According to modern metal strength theory, increasing the dislocation stress inside the metal is the main direction to improve the strength of the metal.

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What is shot blast process?

The shot blasting process utilizes a centrifugal blast wheel that circuit shoots and recycles metal abrasive, like steel shot, steel grit, wire cut onto a surface at high velocity.

Shot blasting is a surfacing process used to remove sand, rubber, debris for painting or following cut, weld, drill, etc., and retexture of the surface from concrete, marble, tiles, etc, for decoration and anti-skidding … 

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Why metal surface need blasting before painting?

Shot blasting uses various metal abrasives to strip imperfections, sand, paint, rust, and other contaminants from a rough surface which increases the adhesive for protective painting or coating preparation. 

What is the difference between sandblasting and shot blasting?

Blasting technology is used in almost all industries of metal. Shot blasting and sand blasting are both a kind of surface cold treatment cleaning technology. It is a necessary process to use steel grit or steel shot to remove surface stains and rust and verify the integrity of the product surface. Compared with other surface treatment technologies, its surface treatment ability and environmental friendliness are faster and more effective, which is the first choice;

The difference between shot blasting or sandblasting:

Drive mode:

Shot blasting uses the centrifugal rotating turbine blades of the blasting head to throw high-speed (about 70-90 m/s) steel medium (high-speed beads of steel, copper, aluminum or other materials as the shot blasting medium), and project it onto the upper surface of the shot blasting machine. Deburring, sanding, cleaning or strengthening the surface of castings at a certain angle, or removing rust, paint, or other coatings, etc.;

Sand blasting medium is pneumatically accelerated by compressed air instead of a centrifugal turbine. Sand or other abrasives are driven by compressed air through a tube, allowing the user to control the spray direction, and finally sprayed onto the part through a nozzle

Different blasting materials:

Shot blasting: because of the large centrifugal force of the shot wheel, metal shot abrasive is used in most cases, and the separator is used for recycling;

Sand blasting uses compressed air, either metal shots or sand such as Glass beads, but Glass beads are not recyclable and disposable.

The effect on the environment:

Shot blasting has a dust collector, it greatly reduces the impact on the environment and basically achieves a dust-free treatment;

Large sandblasting equipment is equipped with a dust collector, and small sandblasting equipment works in the open air, which has a certain impact on the environment;

Differences in processing workpieces:

Shot blasting is basically the cleaning of metal surfaces, and can also be used for stones, concrete, etc.;

Sand blasting can be used for metal, plastic, glass and other fragile products;

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What are kind of industries need the blasting?
  1. Foundry and Forge industries: the shot blasting equipment mainly for the de-sanding, deburring of refreshing surface, detect of the defect of casting parts. Tumble blasting machineRotary-table blasting machinerolling drum shot blast machine;
  2. Steel plate industry: The steel plate will have some burrs, which will affect the appearance of the steel, or the rust expose after the rain, can choose of the roller type steel plate pretreatment line.
  3. For beams, profiles: large size, high quality, high corrosion-resistant flat steel and large angle steel with unequal sides and thickness, use the roller type shot blast machine to ensure no longer have dead-angles.
  4. Hardware industry: In the hardware industry, there are a large number of parts and many types. Most parts need to clean, smooth, and flat on the surface. Generally, hook type or crawler shot blast machines.
  5. Automobile industry: Many parts in the automotive industry need derust and polish. The shot blasting machine can achieve rust removal and polishing without affecting the shape and material strength. The shot blast machine and sandblasting room is a welcome method.
  6. Bearing and mold industry: The bearing and mold industry has high surface requirements to remove various burrs, impurities, etc.; recommend the rotary table shot blast machine.
  7. Valve factory: All kinds of valves are basically castings, suitable for crawler shot blast machine, which can clean 600-1000kg at one time.
  8. LPG gas tank: use the hook-through type and the special steel cylinder shot blast machine, which has high efficiency and a good cleaning effect.

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What is shot blasting for concrete, marble, stone, etc.?

The stone/marble shot blasting machine makes the stone surface have the characteristics of high anti-skid performance, good flatness, and strong 3D stereoscopic effect, which are deeply loved by customers.

The surface by the stone shot blasting machine is roughened. When the bricks are laid on the ground, when it rains or snows, the pavement can be better anti-skid, and the outer wall of the wall makes the stone appear original and more natural.

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surface preparation standards grade: What is Sa 2.5 in Shot blasting?

    The national standard GB8923-88 “Steel surface modification grade and rust removal grade before painting” divides the rust removal grade of shot blasting machine into four grades, which are represented by the letter “Sa”.


  • Sa 1: Mild spray (Sandblasting) or projectile (shot blasting) rust removal. There is no visible grease or dirt on the surface of the steel, and there is no loose oxide scale, rust, paint coating and other attachments.
  • Sa 2: thoroughly spray (Sandblasting) or projectile (shot blasting) to remove rust. There should be no visible grease, dirt, oxide scale, rust and other attachments on the steel surface, and the residues should be firmly attached. The projectile dents formed after shot blasting are evenly arranged on the steel surface, and the anti-slip coefficient reaches 0.35~45
  • Sa 21/2: very thorough spray (Sandblasting) or projectile (shot blasting) to remove rust of Sa 2.5. There should be no visible grease, dirt, oxide scale, rust, paint coating and other attachments on the surface of the steel, and any remaining traces should only be light spots or strips. The projectile dents formed after shot blasting are evenly arranged on the steel surface, and the anti-slip coefficient reaches 0.45~5
  • Sa 3: makes the steel surface clean by spray (Sandblasting) or projectile (shot blasting) to remove rust. There should be no visible grease, dirt, oxide scale, rust, paint and other attachments on the steel surface, and the surface should show a uniform metallic luster.

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