Shot Blasting Machines with Conveyor Belt made by Rubber-Belt

Tumblast shot blasting machine,máquinas de Granalladora de Tumblast de Cinta Rotativa con Banda de Goma o Metálica

    Tumblast shot blasting machine / Tumble belt shot blasting machine with rotate conveyor belts by rubber belt is designed to allow high production levels, at priority is low costs, a tumbler of small and medium-sized items, in intermittent, loaded by manual or automatically.

    Tumblast shot blasting machine type RT, with a high-resistance rubber belt, is a good option for mass-produced parts, which can be tumbled and will perfectly match for the casting and mold de-sanding, descaling, de-flashing, deburring, and shot peening. The loading capacity is 250 kgs (volume 10L) per time;

    The tumbler shot blasting machine with skip loader, can be integrated to a fully automatic process with the addition of loading and unloading equipment via electricity or hydraulic tipping bucket. The use of skip loaders is normally applied for heavier work, discharging into a vibratory conveyor.

    The shot blasting machine’s housing is protected by wear-resistant manganese-steel protective liners. 

Features of Shot Blasting Machine:

  • Batch cleaning and save labor cost;
  • Compact design structure, no foundation required, low noise;
  • Perfect of finishing consistency of surface cleaning;
  • Specific suits for the solid parts which not afraid collision during blasting;
  • No pollution for the environmental protection;

Applications of Shot Blasting Machine:

  • Foundry: De-sanding, stripping and preparing for cutting, welding, painting, metallization or surface finishing of bronze and aluminum;
  • Forge: Deburring, removal of laminate and coating, homogeneous surface finish.  
  • Aluminum die-casting: Surface blasting finishing uniform.
  • Shot-Peening: Increasing the stressed & fatigue strength of components;
  • Customized-made: Surfacing De-sanding, stripping and preparing for cutting, welding, drilling or pior preparing of painting etc.

Main type of tumble Type Shot Blasting Machine:

Rubber-belt Tumble shot blasting machine

Characteristics of Rubber-Belt Shot Blasting Machine:

1. High efficient of Shot wheel Turbines

  • Compact shell structure, longer lifespan of blades, lower maintenance;
  • Upgraded wearing-resistance with low working noise & vibration;
  • High-speed blasting capacity with more recycle abrasive using;
  • Optimal blasting angle, velocity and energy-saving;
  • Top side installed, optimized shot blast angle and effect ;
  • VFD (Variable Frequent Drive) for motor to adjust of the shot projectile capacity;

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2. Shot Blasting Chamber:

máquinas de Granalladora de Tumblast de Cinta Rotativa con Banda de Goma o Metálica
  • Shot blasting room design with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) reach of best blasting angle and distance;
  • Blasting room made of strong profiles and 10mm plates;
  • The direct-blasting disc use of upgraded wearing-resistance Chrome and Manganese casting steel with 35-45 HRC;
  • The double doors open and closes manually, pneumatic or electricity, with tight sealing;
  • Fully safety interlocks;
  • Labyrinth structure to stop the abrasive leak;

3. Rotary tumblast system:

  • The continuous rubber belt or steel apron, very easy of loading and operation;
    • Wearing-resistance rubber belt suits for the light-duty;
  • The workpieces range from smaller size to medium-large size;
  • VFD (Variable Frequent Drive) for the turntable motor to adjust the rotary speed to achieve of best cleaning;
máquinas de Granalladora de Tumblast de Cinta Rotativa con Banda de Goma o Metálica

4. Loading bucket & unloading conveyor:

Tumblast shot blasting machine.máquinas de Granalladora de Tumblast de Cinta Rotativa con Banda de Goma o Metálica,Tumblast shot blasting machine
  • The automatic interlock PLC control with shot blasting process;
  • The loading bucket is lifted by electricity (light duty) or hydraulic station (heavy duty);
  • The vibrating conveyor to carry the blasted parts for unloading collection;
  • Manual, mechanic or automatic loading integration continuous belt conveyor aligned with production for loading chamber of batching cleaning;

Technical of Tumble belt shot blasting machine

Model TR-324 TR-326 TR-3210
Efficient volume
0.1 m³
Blasting capacity

4. Abrasive Recycle & Purify system:

  • Abrasive collect and transport to elevator via screw conveyor;
  • The elevator lifts the abrasive to the separator;
    • Bucket made of foundry casting;
    • Tension device prevents belt slide;
  • Separator adopts DISA & Pangborn technology;
    • 3-class of separating abrasive;
    • Efficient reach of 99.5%
  • Abrasive hopper for abrasive accumulate;
  • Electro-Magnetic valve control of abrasive flow;

5. Dust Collecting system:

  • Cartridge type of dust collector;
  • The efficient reach of 99.9%;
  • Very easy of replacing of cartridge filters;
  • Silencer to minimize of noise;
  • Maintenance platform;

6. Electrical Control system:

  • Safety interlock for operation;
  • IP65 protection for control cabinet;
  • Air conditioning;
  • 230V/3ph/60Hz or 380V/3ph/50Hz cycle electrics
  • PLC / HMI (touch screen control)
  • Abrasive level indicator
  • Automatic Replenisher
  • Loader and/or Take away conveyor
  • Pneumatic unload flip gates

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