Sandblasting machine

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Working principle: Sandblasting machine

Working principle of environmentally friendly dust-free mobile sand blasting machine: Use sandblasting abrasives (such as brown corundum, glass beads, etc.) and liquid (water) as the medium, and use compressed air (air compressor) as the power to spray the surface of solid workpieces Sandblasting machine for processing.

Application scope: Sandblasting machines

1. Suitable for liquid (water) sandblasting processing; The sandblasting machine is dustless blasting machine, which is no dust or pollution duting of blasting process, environmental friendly;
2. Suitable for single and small batch sandblasting of small and medium-sized parts; Operation by manual, so make sure no dead angle left;
3. Clean the oxide scale on the surface of heat-treated parts, welded parts, castings, forgings, etc., and the cleaning quality can reach Sa 1.0 to Sa 3.0 level;
4. Clean up microburrs and surface residues of machined parts;
5. The surface pretreatment processing before spraying and electroplating of the workpiece can obtain an active surface and improve the adhesion of the sprayed electroplating layer;
6. Finishing processing of parts with high precision, small roughness Ra value, and complex shapes that are difficult to complete by other processing methods;
7. Especially suitable for surface cleaning of port shipbuilding, precision instruments, classic cars, cultural relics, etc.

Technical of Sandblasting machine

Model SAB-150 SAB-225 SAB-500


Blast time per fill

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