Shot blasting for profiles, beams

 — Shot blasting for structures, profiles, beams.

Granallado para Estructura metálica
Shot blasting for beams

Treated Shot blasting category:

  • Steel structural works for industrial and buildings
  • Machinery parts
  • Industrial bracket
  • Fastenings, gates, door and window frames

Purpose of shot blasting:

  • Surface descaling
  • Removal of stain
  • Preparation of the surfaces for painting, plasticization, coating, metallization treatments, etc.
  • Eliminate steel fatigue and prolong lifespan

Which shot blasting machines for profiles recommend?

— Shot blasting for beams

Sand blasting machine
Sand blasting machine uses of the abrasive and water, the benefit is dustless and mobile, suit for small, medium and large size of all kind of material and shape, manual with low capacity.

Hanger type shot blasting machine
The hanger-type shot blasting machine is versatile as long as the workpieces’ dimension and weight within the range of the handling system.
Spinner-hanger type shot blasting machine with single or double hooks, manual loading either individually or in batches.

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine
Shot blasting machine with continuous roller conveyors.
The work-pieces are blasted by multi-conveyors that run inside the blasting chamber. With PLC automatic control and abrasive-recycle systems that suit for high productivity, long profiles. With loading and unloading system by a crane can cooperate with the machining process.

Pass-through Hanger type shot blasting machine
The pass-through type shot blasting operation by a hanging system with double-hooks, to move back and forth in the overhead rail. Suitable for cleaning medium to large size products, especially of medium to large size products.
This shot blasting machine can be set in automatic lines for blasting/painting process.

Over-head carousel hanger type shot blasting machine
The monorail-hanger type with more automatic and complex solutions than the spinner-hanger type shot blasting machine, which is equipped with an overhead handling system controlled by a PLC system and moves forward step-and-step. Suitable for high-capacity production and cooperation with paint or coating lines.

Wire mesh conveyor type Shot blasting machine
Shot blasting machine with continuous wire mesh conveyor.
Work-pieces are blasted on a high wearing resistant wire mesh conveyor and blasted by shot wheels install with proper projectile angle, that particularly suitable for high production and easy deformation, damages, or tumbling.

Manual sand blasting room
Sand blasting room with the continuous rail system on ground or over-head rail system to carry workpieces in and out.
The sand blasting machine treats work-pieces by shot-abrasive with manual operation, especially for the large size workpieces; with PLC automatic control and abrasive-recycle systems can meet different surface finishing standards.

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