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Functions of the Shot blast machines:

Sino-Abrator develops increasingly specialized in shot blast machihnes, sand blasting machines manufacture, efficient and performing cutting-edge technologies of the turbine-wheel shot blast machine is widely used for treatment of mainly metallic and stone surfaces.

The shot-blast purpose includes of the de-rusting, descaling, de-sanding, or deburring of the work pieces. Other uses are improving of anti-fatigue, hardening of surfaces for longer lifespan (shot-peening), finish blasting of sensitive parts and roughening of surfaces ready for coating or painting.

Surface cleaning

Shot blast equipment is initially used in the foundry industry to remove sticky sand, oxide scale from the surface of steel and iron castings. This is also an indispensable preparation process before the quality inspection of the casting.

Workpiece strengthening

According to modern metal strength theory, increasing the dislocation stress inside the metal is the main direction to improve the strength of the metal.


Models of the Shot Blast Machines:

Applications of the Shot Blast Machines:

  1. Foundry and Forge industries: the shot blasting equipment mainly for the de-sanding, deburring of refreshing surface, detect of the defect of casting parts. Tumble blasting machine, Rotary-table blasting machine, rolling drum shot blast machine;
  2. steel plate industry: The steel plate will have some burrs, which will affect the appearance of the steel, or the rust expose after the rain, can choose of the roller type steel plate pretreatment line.
  3. For beams, profiles: large size, high quality, high corrosion-resistant flat steel and large angle steel with unequal sides and thickness, use the roller type shot blast machine to ensure no longer have dead-angles.
  4. hardware industry: In the hardware industry, there are a large number of parts and many types. Most parts need to clean, smooth, and flat on the surface. Generally, hook type or crawler shot blast machines.
  5. Automobile industry: Many parts in the automotive industry need derust and polish. The shot blasting machine can achieve rust removal and polishing without affecting the shape and material strength. The shot blast machine and sandblasting room is a welcome method.
  6. bearing and mold industry: The bearing and mold industry has high surface requirements to remove various burrs, impurities, etc.; recommend the rotary table shot blast machine.
  7. valve factory: All kinds of valves are basically castings, suitable for crawler shot blast machine, which can clean 600-1000kg at one time.
  8. LPG gas tank: use the hook-through type and the special steel cylinder shot blast machine, which has high efficiency and a good cleaning effect.

Advantages of the Shot Blast Machines:

  • Shot Blast Machine is automatic process within manual assist, which is save working time and reuseable shot-abrasive that is economics method, and affordable cleaning for surface finishing;
  • The surface cleans with smoothens and homogeneity finishing, without any damage to the surface.
  • Environment friendly, without any pollution compared to sandblasting.
  • Prepares a surface for coating or painting preparetion applications effectively.
  • The flexibility of using various types of shot abrasives that can be used in the shot blast machine according to the surfaces grades and different material that need to be cleaned (such as glass beads, steel shots, steel grit, etc.) makes shot blast is the most preferred cleaning or surface finishing method. 

Efficient of the Shot Blasting Machines:

Cement surface: work efficiency: 200-400 square meters/hour
Working on steel plates: steel quality grades SA 2,5 to SA3 Speed: SA2,5 about 4m/min; Speed: SA3 about 3m/min, processing area per hour: SA2,5, about 75-100 square meters /Hour

Factors that affect the Shot Blasting process and effectiveness:

  • General condition of the metal surface that needs to be cleaned
  • What’s the contaminants deposited on the surface that need to be removed (Rust, sand, bur, etc.).
  • The metal parts’ material, size and shape (Whether has the dead-angle)
  • Hardness, size and material of the shot-abrasive used to treat the surface.
  • Velocity, shot projectile capacity and angle of the shot wheel turbine.
  • Working Condition of the shot blasting machine.
  • The afterward process such like coating, painting etc. If share the same line then the cleaning speed should be consistency.
Máquina de granallado; Máquina de granalladora;

Main structure of the Shot Blasting Machines:

1. Shot wheel turbines:

  • The shot wheel turbines are essential to the shot blasting machine.
  • The performance of the shot blasting device depends on the quality, quantity, speed and direction angle of the shot-projectile; the last three factors depend entirely on the selection, design, installation and correct operation of the shot blasting equipment.

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Máquina de Granallado para Shot Peening para muelles; Shot peening machine; Máquina de granallado; Máquina de granalladora;

2. Blasting room structure:

shot blasting machine, granalladora; Máquina de granallado; Máquina de granalladora;
  • 10mm thickness primary heavy-duty steel plate which mounted on complex and strong structural steel framework;
  • The direct shot abrasive projectile area mounted with 12mm thickness wearing-resistance anti-shock rolled ZGMn13; 
  • Inside of the door is fully lined with rubber liner, to prevent the escape of abrasive from cabinet.

3. Conveyor transport system:

  • Hook type blasting equipment: with one or multi pieces of the hooks, manual load suit for the small, medium and large size of workpieces
  • Roller type shot blasting equipment: Rollers in the blasting cabinet are protected by special alloy jacket with lifetime over 4,000 hours. Conveyor system is driven by motors with inverter to control of the cleaning speed;
  • Tumble type shot blasting equipment: with endless rotate rubber belt, the workpieces tumbling inside of the blasting cabinet;
  • Rotary table and Rolling drum type shot blasting machine: the table and drum made of the wearing-resistance casting liners with longer lifespan;
Máquina de granallado; Máquina de granalladora;

4. Shot abrasive recycle system:

Máquina de granallado; Máquina de granalladora;
  • Screw conveyor: 16Mn material of the parts of the spiral blade, assembled on the end of the screw shaft and convey the shot abrasive to the elevatorwhich driven by the cycloid pin gear reducer;
  • Elevator: The abrasives are lifted to the bottom of the elevator, and finally dropped by centrifugal gravity, and the abrasives are fed for separator;
  • Separator: The sieved mixture of abrasives, sand and dust is pushed by the outer spiral of the drum screen and distributed uniformly along the entire length of the separator. Then the abrasives are adjusted by the weight of the separator to flow evenly to the bottom of the separator in a flow curtain state.

5. Dust collector:

  • Designed as cartridge filter unit in solid steel sheet construction reinforced by profiles & directly mounted on inlet of the abrasive blasting machine. The cartridges are cleaned automatically and continuously, whereby the filter unit remains operating.
Máquina de granallado; Máquina de granalladora;

6. Electrical control cabinet:

Máquina de granallado; Máquina de granalladora;
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller): For the central automatic control of the machine via a PLC type Siemens.
  • Sensor: With Automatic Star-Delta switching for all motors exceeding power with all the contactors and protection for the direct switching of all other motors installed as well as ammeters for controlling and adjusting the turbines.
  • Safety: Various safety features are inbuilt in the system like blast wheel motor will not operate if door is opened, it is entails by contactors, relays, push buttons, main isolation switch, safety limit switch, emergency switch, grounding system, inbuilt single-phase prevention, over-load & short circuit protection, HRC fuses, indicating lamps etc.

Best manufacture of the Shot Blasting Machines:

    The Sino wheelAbrator professionals design, technical supporting, manufactures and services shot blasting machine and surface preparation machines and related blasting products for a range of industries, cleaning, derusting, descaling and hardening of surfaces. Improvements can be realized by upgrading to newer technology.

    We provide world-class shot blasting machines & granalladora along with new innovative ideas and concepts to eliminate old design problems with shot blasting equipment.

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