Shot blasting machine for gas cylinder

— Shotblasting machine for gas cylinder, LPG / CNC / GAS cylinders

Granallado para Botellas cilindros

Treated products category:

  • Household gas bottles
  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Elbow, short-tubes

Purpose of shot blasting:

  • Descaling
  • Removal of stain
  • Preparation of the surface for painting and coating treatment
  • Sand-blasting of inner bottles

Which shot blasting machines recommend?

–Shotblasting machine for gas cylinder

 The key elements to choose of the most suitable type shotblasting machine for gas cylinder: bottle dimensions * length, required production and handling system, inner or outer surface.

Sand blasting machine
Sand blasting machine uses of the abrasive and water, the benefit is dustless and mobile, suit for small, medium and large size of all kind of material and shape, manual with low capacity.

Cylinder type shot blasting machine with skew rollers
Shot blasting machine design for high production with skew rollers that the cylinders self-rotate and move forward simultaneously. The cylinders are loaded manually or by automatic devices, by only one-time through to obtain a surface finishing standard of SA 2½ or SA3.

Spinner-Hook type shot blasting machine
Shot blasting machine design for low production. Cylinders are hung on a hook manually, singularly or in the bunch with bracket. Double-hook with Y-rail saves the loading and unloading times that when one bottle (bunch) is inside of the blasting chamber, the other one (bunch) is ready outside of the blasting chamber wait to be blasted.

Over-head carousel type shot blasting machine
With the PLC system, It’s the more automatized and complex version than the hook shot blasting machine, which is equipped with an overhead handling system moving forward automatically step by step. Suitable for high production.

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