Shot blasting machine for foundry

 — shot blasting machine for foundry, ferrous and non-ferrous casting parts

Granallado para fundicion
shot blasting machine for foundry

Treated products category:

  • Cast-irons (Grey iron-casting, Ductile iron-casting, Vermicular graphite casting-iron, special iron-casting)
  • Casting-steel (Carbon steel-casting, stainless steel-casting, wearing-resistance steel-casting, heat-resistance steel-casting)
  • Copper, Brass & Bronze castings
  • Aluminum castings
  • Non-ferrous castings

Purpose of shot blasting:

  • De-coring (sand removing)
  • Descaling (rust remove)
  • Surface preparation of painting or coating line
  • Deburring of the castings

Which shot blasting machines recommend?

Base on a different types of material, dimensions, weight and surface standards to be treated, loading/unloading systems and automation systems required by the customers.

The most recommend Shot blasting machines for the foundry sector are:

Sand blasting machine
Sand blasting machine uses of the abrasive and water, the benefit is dustless and mobile, suit for small, medium and large size of all kind of material and shape, manual with low capacity.

Tumble shot blasting machine with rubber conveyor
Shot blasting machine with rubber belt conveyor for treatment of casting pieces, suitable for tumbling process.

Spinner-Hanger type shot blasting machine
Spinner-hanger type shot blasting machine with single or double hooks, manual loading either individually or in batches.

Monorail-continuous-hanger type shot blasting machine with carousel hooks system
The monorail-hanger type with more automatic and complex solutions than the spinner-hanger type shot blasting machine, which is equipped with an overhead handling system controlled by a PLC system. Suitable for high-capacity production and cooperation with paint or coating lines.

Pass-through tunnel type shot blasting machine with double-hooks
The pass-through type shot blasting operation by a hanging system with double-hooks, to move back and forth in the overhead rail. Suitable for cleaning medium to large size products, especially of length.

Rotary table type shot blasting machine
The shot wheel flows from the top, so exposed all visible one-side surfaces on the rotate table can be cleaned, suitable for small and no-tumbling castings.

Rolling drum shot blasting machine
Shot blasting machine with Magness-Chrome reinforced protective liner inside of
blast-chamber, treatment of small-size, batch casting pieces, suitable for
tumbling process.

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