Shot blasting for marble

— Shot blasting for marble, stone,  pavers, concrete blocks, tiles, slabs of natural marble or agglomerate, granite, and cement surface

Granallado para Mármol y Cemento, Granallado para piedra
Shot blasting for marble

Treated products category:

  • Marble tiles, granite, natural stone products
  • Curb for roadside
  • Tiles retexturing
  • Cement prefabricated panels and components

Purpose of shot blasting:

  • aesthetic treatment
  • bush-hammering
  • anti-skidding
  • litchi surface decoration

Which shot blasting machines recommend?

  This is a special equipment of shot blasting machine for roughening of marble and other stones surface. It is also called marble shot blasting machine, curbstone shot blasting machine, slate shot blasting machine, stone through-type shot blasting machine, stone roughening machine, stone litchi Surface shot blasting machine, stone fire surface shot blasting machine, etc. The stone through-type shot blasting machine also uses a high-speed rotating impeller to throw steel shots out, hitting the surface of the stone at high speed, so that the stone is treated as a litchi surface or a burnt surface, which meets the requirements of surface treatment.

Sand blasting machine
Sand blasting machine uses of the abrasive and water, the benefit is dustless and mobile, suit for small, medium and large size of all kind of material and shape, manual with low capacity.

Shot blasting machine with wire mesh conveyor

Wire mesh conveyors are used to deburr, decalcify and clean castings and laser cut parts; And suits for marbles, stones, tiles, bricks; Especially for the exterior decoration of the building, the roughness of the surface of the road Litchi for non-slip, etc.

Shot blasting machine with roller conveyor or rubber belt

Shot blasting machine with automatic wire mesh, roller conveyor and rubber belt, for processing of marble, granite, cement, natural stone and tiles products.
Pieces are placed on a wire mesh conveyor, roller conveyor and rubber belt, loading and unloading manually or by automatic, one-side of surface mostly with shot-wheels install on the top.

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