Stone shot blasting machine with conveyor for cement tiles, marbles and natural granite

granalladoras granallado para piedras natural o artificial, cemento, granito, mármol

    SGT series is a new range of automatic turbine Stone shot blasting machine for the surface superficial treatment (roughening, glazing, distressing, etc.) of marbles wall-decorative, slabs of natural marble or agglomerate, granite, as well as cement tiles, interlocking paving, curb-stones, etc. Exposure to the abrasive impact brings out the mineral components in the concrete, tile, and granite, etc., and gives the surface a special appearance, anti-skidding of the road surface or decorative wall of the house.

    Pieces are continuously transported on a horizontal, netting, or rubber conveyor belt; the blasting effect is obtained through the centrifugal projects (without compressed air) of spherical shot abrasive to top-surface or both surfaces. The parts to be treated will be placed on the network in the entrance area manually or with automated systems.

    Vary the speed by transportation or of shot projection controlled by Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), according to the effect desired or to the hardness of the surfaces to be treated. 

shot blasting machine for stone 390x310 (1)
shot blasting machine for stone 390x310 (2)
shot blasting machine for stone 390x310 (3)

Features of Shot Blasting Machine:

  • Automatic PLC control, save labor cost;
  • Perfect of finishing consistency of marbles surface roughnessing, retexturing, anti-skiding, and outwall decoration;
  • Continuously feed for stone, marbles, etc.
  • No pollution for the environmental protection;

Applications of Shot Blasting Machine:

Characteristics of Roller Conveying Shot Blasting Machine for stones:

1. High efficient of Shot wheel Turbines

  • Compact shell structure, longer lifespan of blades, lower maintenance;
  • Upgraded wearing-resistance with low working noise & vibration;
  • High-speed blasting capacity with more recycle abrasive using;
  • Optimal blasting angle, velocity and energy-saving;
  • Top side of coverage, only upper side cleaning;
  • Stainless steel abrasive is prefer for the marble surface roughness;
  • VFD (Variable Frequent Drive) for motor to adjust of the shot projectile capacity;

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2. Shot Blasting Room:

shot blasting machine, granalladora; Máquina de granallado; Máquina de granalladora;
  • Shot blasting room design with CAD (Computer Aided Design) reach of best blasting angle and distance;
  • Blasting room made of strong profiles and 10mm plates;
  • The direct-blasting hot area use of upgraded wearing-resistance manganese casting steel with 35-45 HRC;
  • The input and output use rubber bands for sealing;
  • Labyrinth structure to keep the abrasive leak;

3. Roller conveying system:

  • The roller conveyors with manganess liners for longer lifespan;
    • Steel continuous roller conveyors for the long-size and heavy-duty marble, stones, etc.
    • Rubber belt conveyor for small-size and light-duty tiles, bricks, slabs, etc.
  • Bearing support with the labyrinth shape prevents leaking of the steel media;
  • Standard capacity is 1,000kgs per meter;
  • VFD (Variable Frequent Drive) for motor to adjust of the input & output feed speed;
granalladoras granallado para piedras natural o artificial, cemento, granito, mármol

Technical of Stone-Cement shot blasting machine:

Model SC-1000 SC-1500 SC-2000

Workable Width

Blasting capacity

4. Abrasive Recycle & Purify system:

  • Abrasive collect and transport to elevator via screw conveyor;
  • The elevator lifts the abrasive to the separator;
    • Bucket made of foundry casting;
    • Tension device prevents belt slide;
  • Separator adopts DISA & Pangborn technology;
    • 3-class of separating abrasive;
    • Efficient reach of 99.5%
  • Abrasive hopper for abrasive accumulate;
  • Electro-Magnetic valve control of abrasive flow;

5. Dust Collecting system:

  • Cartridge type of dust collector;
  • The efficient reach of 99.9%;
  • Very easy of replacing of cartridge filters;
  • Silencer to minimize of noise;
  • Maintenance platform;

6. Electrical Control system:

  • Safety interlock for operation;
  • IP65 protection for control cabinet;
  • Air conditioning;
  • 230V/3ph/60Hz or 380V/3ph/50Hz cycle electrics
  • PLC / HMI (touch screen control)
  • Abrasive level indicator
  • Automatic Replenisher
  • Loader and/or Take away conveyor
  • Pneumatic unload flip gates
  • shot blasting machine, granalladora;Scrapper system;
    • Scrappers’ height adjust with the PLC and HMI interlock control;
  • Brush sweeping system;
    • Continuous brush sweeping made of high performance of Nylon;
    • The height position can be adjustable according to the marbles; 
  • Fan blowing system;
    • High-pressure fan of the blowing-off station;
    • The blowing nozzle’s direction can be adjustable;

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