Shot blasting for shot-peening

— Shot blasting for Shot-peening of springs, clutchs, shaft etc.

 — WPC – Metal Surface Treatment, is a cold process of enhancing durability and reduction of stress.

Granallado para shot-peening
shot blasting machine, granalladora;

Treated category of shot blasting machine:

  • Auto gears
  • Transmission components
  • Springs
  • Leaf springs
  • Shafts

Purpose of shot blasting:

  • Improve of anti-fatigue strength of mechanical components.
  • Make the surface of metal parts stronger
  • More resistance to cracks and corrosion
  • Make the textures surface

Which shot blasting machines recommend?

Shot blasting for Shot-peening of springs, clutches, shaft, etc.

Rotary satellites table shot blasting machine
Shot blasting machine suitable for peening the pieces on a horizontal rotating holding table. The shot turbines installed on the top surface so only the upper side surface can be peened.

Hanger type shot blasting machine
Shot blasting machine with hooks for peening pieces are loaded singularly or in batch, which self-rotation inside of the shot blasting room and loading/unloading manually.

Tumble type shot blasting machine with rubber conveyor
Shot blasting machine types with rubber conveyor for peening by batch, suitable for tumbling pieces. It can be equipmented with automatic loading and unloading device.

Shot-peening machine
Shot peening machine design for high production with continuous rotate-rollers and pin system. The pipes move forward by pin system while getting through of the shot blasting room, to obtain a surface finishing degree Almen standard.

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