Leading company manufacturing of shot blasting equipment and surface preparation solutions

-- shot blasting machine company

    The Sino-Abrator, shot blasting machine company, located in Qingdao China, has a plant of 13,210 m2, highly reputation that develops from designed, manufactured and subjected to extensive testing, after-sales service etc. Comply with CE certificate standard and ISO:9001 management system.

     The shot blasting machine company has been supplying for over decades years of technological solutions to these requiring of surface finishing treatment applications by shot blasting, shot peening and sand blasting installations suitable for multi-applications while maintaining a high reliability and consistency of cleaning performance in the process to prove.

    The SA has implemented its own in-house and outsourcing R & D center for being an endless improvement of advanced and innovative technical solutions. Thanks to the highly skilled engineering and manufacture staff, apply of the innovation idea cooperate with supplicated manufacture staff to boost the equipment performances meanwhile reducing energy consumption and lower cost.    

    The construction shop is combined by a machining weld department, an automatic plasma cutting machine, a machining process department, an eco-friendly painting line and a large assembly and test workshop which is provided with foundation base so that large equipment can be assembled and tested along with the clients before the delivery.

    The shot blasting/peening process has multi-purpose applications:
Surface preparation before painting (Removal of oxides and scale and paint removal): metal sheet, pipes, structural steelworks

    • De-coring (sand removing): iron and steel foundries and non-ferrous metals, forgings
    • Die-casting: Aluminum and Bronze die-castings, extruded metal
    • Descaling (removal of small burrs): wires and bars
    • Surface hardening (shot-peening): springs and bars, connecting rods, gears
    • Sand blasting: inner blasting of gas bottles, tanks or cylinders, pipes; Large structure
    • marble and concrete treatment (antiquing or bush-hammering): tiles, stone, concrete, marble or agglomerates, etc.
    • thermohardening (with a nylon abrasive, for small burrs): heat-treated pieces, rail wagons

    All systems are assembled, inspected and tested, along with client before delivery in our workshops to guarantee of quality installation and deliver reliable equipment. The high standard of internal inspect system enables us to require stock spare parts and assuring the needed service to achieve sustain reliable performance.

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