With CE and ISO 9001 certificate registered company that will exceed design requirements


From design to on-time delivery, our trusty engineering team to installation, debugging


With the extensive quality flow, we can promise of compeletely ONE year guarantee and free return

Shot blasting machine manufacture

One-stop shopping of surface shaping industry of shot blasting machines

Shot Blasting Machine

Automatic blasting machine for bulk quantity surface shaping process.

Sand Blasting Room

Manual blasting system for sophicated surface shaping process.

Spare Parts

Sustain & Durable parts guarantee of long lifespan & saving maintenance.

About us

Sino-Abrator is a company aimed at providing a complete, efficient and quality service to the metal shot blasting industry, with the main objective being to satisfy the needs of our clients.

We have qualified and experienced team as well as the necessary technology to meet the needs of our clients.

Our service


Generate world-class shotblasting that beyond expectations, elevating their competitive advantage. Using cutting-edge equipment, processes, and technology, efficient collaborative approach to enhance productivity.


To be a leading, dynamic, and ever-growing company in China, we anticipate and offer creative solutions for the continuous development of our clients and the industry.

Quality policy

We manufacture high-quality stamped, sub-assembled, and assembled Shot Blasting equipment that comply with:

  • Customer requirements and satisfaction.
  • Timely deliveries.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Competitive pricing.


We are a one-stop-shop for all of your Shot-blasting machines needs, covering numerous markets sectors

Our Shaping Projects Worldwide International

With CE and ISO 9001 certificate registered company that will exceed design requirements

Walk thorough our step of collaboration & adherence to shaping industry standards are key factors in delivering successful of shot blasting machine projects worldwide. 


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#dwiod, fiewfo, foijewfo, fioewjf, fejw

#dwiod, fiewfo, foijewfo, fioewjf, fejw

Blog & News

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